КАМАТЕК LLC was founded in 2011 in Naberezhnye Chelny, with the aimto open up the SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) technology and to provide market with parts from high-quality material.
Now there is anactive development of composite material’s application in the auto industry in Russia.
KAMATEK LLC was the first company, which imposed the SMC production for auto industry in Russia.

SMC –is a sheet moulding compound and it is composed of: unsaturated polyester resins (about 20-25%, mineral fillers (40-50%), additives and chopped strands(25-30%).

SMC is processed by hot-pressing(120-160 o C).

In nowadays SMC material practically hasn't an unmatched at value-characteristic.

SMC possessed of high thermal (more than 220), chemical and corrosion resistance.

What about strength, class of loading for our production is identical to class of metal parts.

The important advantages of SMC details in comparison with steel are high corrosion resistance, low specific gravity. Also low shrinkage, high quality of details surface, low value allow to rival with other materials.

The main application fit SMC material are: auto industry, electrotechnics, home appliances and furniture, construction and highway infrastructure, sports equipment, rail transport, plumbing fixtureand so on.
KAMATEK production has modern import equipment for processed SMC and colouring of details.

Our company has aCertificate of conformity with requirements GOST ISO 9001-2011.

In 2014 we successfully passed certification ISO/TY 16949.
TatneftPresscomposit LLC in conjunction with TatneftAlabugaSteklovolokno LLC and KAMATEK LLCconducts laboratory- research works for getting material which fully satisfy to technical specification for composite parts production.

KAMATEK has well-established contacts with producersof raw materialsand moulds.

Owing to this, our company may to render a full range of services at SMC production.
KAMATEK LLCactively takes part in project of implementing to the Russian market SMC' details own production.
KAMATEK-upswing company, ready fast and qualitatively complete an order for manufacturingof products fromSMC.